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Business + Lifestyle Education for Creative Entrepreneurs

Courtney Noelle Business + Lifestyle Education for Creative Entrepreneurs: a coaching program designed to help you step into your purpose, get out of your own way and create the life + business of your dreams.

0 Years in the Wedding + Event Industry
0 Years in Business as the Owner of LCN Events
0 Years of Education at Bowling Green State University to obtain my BSBA in Sales + Services Marketing
0 Speaking Opportunities to Educate Aspiring Creatives in Business
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For the Passionate, the Faithful

and the Incredibly Ambitious

My program was founded on the mission of encouraging, motivating and inspiring women to create the life and business of their dreams through mindset, marketing, creative branding and personal development.

As women running service-based businesses, we wear our heart and soul on our sleeves; we create lasting relationships and always go above and beyond to make the client experience as special and memorable as possible.

But what happens when we feel less than our best? When we begin to pour from an empty cup? When imposter syndrome creeps in? When we forget who we are, our why and our worth?

If you’ve been there, let me remind you that you are not alone. Women just like you, every day, are faced with challenges they must overcome so they can learn, grow and ultimately up-level by reaching a breakthrough.

Together, we will focus on transforming you into the best version of yourself where you have unshakable confidence, faith and determination- mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, personally and professionally.

Because of this process, and continuously learning and growing, I am here today to help women just like you pave way to make it happen.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and watch as your biggest dreams become your reality right before your eyes?

Friend, it all begins and ends with you.


From Boss Babes Just Like You


"Courtney is one of the most genuine and motivated people that I have ever worked with. She cares so much about the industry and is always looking to better herself and the people that she is working with. Last year, Courtney took time out of her day to help me learn the ins and outs of planning events. She taught me things that could not have been expressed in the classroom and even invited me to tag along and gain first-hand experience. Without her positive outlook and love for helping others I would not be where I am today."


Your Journey Begins Now... 2020 Launch (and COVID19 specials)



Dreaming of going to the next level in your biz? Includes:
- 8, 1-hour coaching calls + guided instruction
- $1,600 value
- OR name your price



Ready to get to work and start that biz?
- 4-week course + guided instruction
- $800 value
- OR name your price

Educational Resources for Creatives

From Dreaming to Doing // #BelieveInTheBreakthrough

Encouragement + Motivation + Inspiration

From Courtney Noelle

“The Best Way to Predict YOUR Future is to Create It”
“Success is a Series of Small Wins. I Like to Call Them Breakthroughs”
“Life is Too Short to Be Anyone But Yourself”
“You Can’t Step Into Your Purpose Until You Step Out of Your Past”
“Your Life is as Good as Your Mindset”